What Is The DigElearn Founder’s Club?

The DigElearn Founder’s Club is a limited-time-only special offer to join DigElearn as a member. Members receive access to about 20 continuously-updated digital learning modules, the DigElearn daily email and User Forums.

Founder’s Club member also receive a free copy of DigElearn co-founder and author Allan Thomas Chiulli’s Winning in the Digital Tornado (you only pay S&H), a free 30-day trial membership to DigElearn and a 50% discount on the DigElearn monthly membership fee. This fee is protected for the lifetime of your DigElearn membership. You will never pay more!

Lastly, and most importantly, we provide you with Allan’s personal email address so that you are able and welcome to contribute to the development of DigElearn as a new model of online learning!

The DigElearn Founder’s Club special offer is a limited-time-only offer and terms could change or the offer discontinued at any time.

What Is The We Get DigElearn Program?

DigElearn believes in the importance of small acts of unnecessary kindness. So, to give back to our wonderful community, we created the We Get DigElearn to provide free DigElearn memberships to the executives, staffs and Board of charitable and faith-based organizations.

Sadly, these organizations often work with severely limited budgets that do not allow training for less digitally savvy employees. We’d rather they devote their resources and energies to helping those in need and let DigElearn help fill in the training gap.

The only requirements are the organization be non-profit and have a commitment to good works — that is, helping those in need as an act of charity. We are delighted and proud to be of service to those who help others! DigElearn retains the final right to determine eligibility.

Do I Sign A Contract To Become A DigElearn Member?

Absolutely not! Membership is on a month-to-month basis and can be canceled at any time.

How Are Members Billed?

We bill members quarterly in advance.

What Is The Cancellation And Refund Policy

We hate to lose a member, but we want to thank you for the opportunity to serve you! We want to make your cancellation as easy as possible.

So, to cancel, please send an email stating your desire to cancel your membership to support@digelearn.com. NOTE: Please be sure to include your name as some email addresses do not provide this information!

We will cancel your membership as of the date of receipt of the email and provide you with a pro-rated refund of your membership fee for the remainder of the quarter to your credit card. Credit card companies, as you know, are sometimes slow in processing refunds, so please be patient in seeing your refund. We will, however, send you an email notice upon completion of the cancellation.

You are always welcome to rejoin DigElearn!

How Do I Reach DigElearn In The Event Of An Issue?

Please email us at support@digelearn.com. We always look forward to hearing from our member community!!!

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