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DigElearn LLC (DigElearn) provides an online learning experience that focuses on creating Digital Savvy, that is, the ability to understand, evaluate and anticipate digital transformation. Our goal is to transform learning into a lifetime experience that is empowering, convenient and enjoyable.

DigElearn’s focus is understanding the impact of digital transformation from a business perspective — what is important in making business decisions in the Digital Age. Not a deep-dive into tech specs, DigElearn seeks to empower by creating a perspective and knowledge base whereby digital transformation works for you, not against you.

DigElearn represents a new, flexible and comprehensive approach to online education on a rapidly changing subject. Co-founder and author Allan Thomas Chiulli created a step-by-step and easy-to-understand path to Digital Savvy upon his realization that, even as an equity trading technology company CEO, he had become Digital Obsolete. Allan subsequently shared his Path to Digital Savvy in his book Winning in the Digital Tornado.

However, no book can keep up with the pace and scale of digital transformation. Furthermore, upon realizing that there were no online resources focused on this challenge and that people do not have a lot of time traditional learning method, Allan Chiulli and co-founder Yuan Qu formed DigElearn, an online learning experience that emphasizes Continuous Bite Sized Learning (CBSL). CBSL is an online anywhere, anytime that allows the user to scale their experience from a few minutes a day to a deep-dive to quickly catch up with digital transformation.

We always appreciate feedback, suggestions, comments and critiques as we strive continuously strive to optimize and improve the DigElearn learning experience.

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