We Help People Win.

Hi! I’m Allan Thomas Chiulli and I created DigElearn to help you Win in the Digital Tornado — the rapid career obsolescence created by digital transformation.

Our goal is to make you Digital Savvy, because you Win in the Digital Tornado by becoming Digital Savvy!

We focus on the Big Picture — what business people need to know to make important business decisions, not a deep-dive into tech specs.

And, I know you can become Digital Savvy because I went through the same journey, and I can show you the best path — a step-by-step, easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow path to Digital Savvy. A cost-effective path that I know works!

DigElearn empowers you in the Digital Age through:

  • My book, Winning in the Digital Tornado, a step-by-step and easy-to-understand guide to understanding the Digital Age.
  • DigElearn’s unique and affordable online digital learning membership experience to help you catch up and stay ahead of Digital Transformation.

To become Digital Savvy, please click the DigElearn’s Founder’s Club special offer!

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Allan Thomas Chiulli
Best Selling Author, Speaker,
Educator, Entrepreneur

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Worried About Digital Transformation?

Sadly, the Digital Tornado causes good people to suffer. This pain is unemployment, underemployment, missed promotions, having to start over and worrying about tomorrow. Often, the media labels this turmoil “ageism.”

Here is the truth:
It may not be ageism if you do not understand digital transformation.

But, there is hope. There is empowerment. You Win in the Digital Tornado by fighting back — You become Digital Savvy.

Yes, you Win in the Digital Tornado by becoming Digital Savvy!

Once you are Digital Savvy, you hedge career risk and create career upside. You gain career confidence and stay relevant. You transform from “Qualified” to “Needed.”

You enjoy peace of mind.

Best of all, DigElearn and I are with you every step of the way.

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Here’s How You Win.

You use DigElearn’s Path to Digital Savvy. This is the same step-by-step and easy-to-understand Path to Digital Savvy that I used and that we know works.

We focus on the Big Picture — what business people need to know to make important business decisions, not a deep-dive into tech specs.

DigElearn is flexible: You know your schedule. So, you control your program. We use continuous bite-sized learning (CBSL) that is easily consumed in a few minutes a day — anytime, anywhere, any device. You will be surprised how quickly you can learn when everything is laid out in small, easily digestible bites along a simple, step-by-step and logical path.

But, if you need a crash course to catch up, we’re the place.

It’s always your choice — no content is gated — you always have whatever information you need, whenever, wherever and as often as you need it — across all of your devices.

Join Our Founders Club!

DigElearn is easily affordable. And, to make it better, join our Limited-Time-Only DigElearn Founder’s Club special offer! We want your help making DigElearn the best it can be.

DigElearn is Giving Back.

And, to give back, our We Get We Get Digital Program helps charities and faith-based organizations, the people that help others in need, become Digital Savvy — for free.

Why My Story, Is Your Story.

We all live in the Digital Tornado. We can feel overwhelmed or we can choose to fight back — by becoming Digital Savvy. These people’s stories, from DigElearn Team members, are just like my story. They show that you can become Digital Savvy. You simply have to decide that you want to do it. Then, you will Win in the Digital Tornado!

Jeremy, IT Manager, 43 yrs. old

20 years ago, I began work as a web designer. A few years into my career, I was promoted to team lead. At that point, my job duties slowly began to change from design to managerial in nature. I was recently laid off due to an unexpected budget cut…

Yuan, Veteran/Software Engineer, 31 yrs. old

To me, getting digital means to thrive in the digital age. Inside an ocean of info, I have to go through as much as I can to find puzzle pieces that is only useful to me…

Tonya, Graphic Designer/Return-to-Work Parent, 49 yrs. old

I found myself in meetings not able to keep up in how digital was affecting my industry and I was feeling behind everytime I had an interview…

David, Partner, Business Coach, 61 yrs. old

In the start of my career keeping up with technology was a lot easier then today the pace is so rapid these days that I am finding it harder to keep up…

Gerry Robert, Publisher
Blackcard Books

We are thrilled to be working with a thought leader like Allan Chiulli and his new book Winning in the Digital Tornado

How Digital Savvy Are You?

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DigElearn FREE Digital Learning Resources.

These FREE digital learning resources are samples of what DigElearn Founder’s Club members receive through their membership. Members can visit any of DigElearn’s about 20 learning modules — whenever, wherever and as often as you want. Try our Founders Club Membership FREE for 1 month and receive for FREE Allan’s book Winning in the Digital Tornado (pay only shipping and handling).

DigElearn Glossary — Digital Terms And Meanings.

Terms and meanings are always changing or even made up. Here is a glossary that will help you get up to speed!

Learn more >

Worst Career Mistake You Can Make.

Everyone at some point in their career can make a mistake. Find out how to turn a loss into a win.

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Join Allan on our DigElearn podcasts. Some podcasts are voice editions of Allan’s Digital Blog while on other podcasts Allan brings you up-to-date on the latest in Thought Leadership in the Digital Age.

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Allan Talks About Interviews In a Digital Age.

How do you make yourself stand out in an interview? Allan talks about how to do this and how to become digitally engaged with a potential employer.

The Cloud.

Here is a short video introduction to The Cloud. Each of DigElearn’s about 20 digital learning modules has a similar video introduction to help you begin your learning in that area.

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Have Allan speak to your group or event on the challenges of digital transformation — he is always entertaining, educational and transformative. Your group will see the Digital Age in a new light.

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